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James Voce // artist

War of the Worlds // "Mortal Concerns"

War of the Worlds // "Mortal Concerns"

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This is the entire War of the Worlds novel on a single page. I have also added Wells' famous opening line in big, bold text down the left of the print. 

The idea is that when viewed inder a magnifying glass you can read the novel *. These miniture words are meant to represent the creatures that 'swarm and multiply'. 


Only available in A0 (841mm x 1189mm)

Printed on thick 350gsm, high quality paper with a matt finish. This gines a low sheen finish


* This print is part of my sale collection. This is due to the font I used for the letters from the novel. When viewed through a magnifying glass, you can read most of the letters. However, some words are illegible. 

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