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Fight Club "Scorpion 96" | Double Paper Cut | Limited Edition 1 of 1

Fight Club "Scorpion 96" | Double Paper Cut | Limited Edition 1 of 1

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This is page 96 from Chuck Palahniuk’s debut novel Fight Club. And what a debut!

I have cut out the silhouette of a scorpion and transferred to a second board to create the double paper cut, or ‘mirror art work’. Both works come from the same page. I have also cut out the title from the novel’s pre-chapter pages.

I have used the image of a scorpion because - to me - this represent the sting in the tale, the plot twist, so incredible as to make you want to re-read the book over and over. Plus I think it looks pretty cool. I’m also a huge fan of the film - but this also has nothing to do with scorpions.

Both works are created on identical charcoal grey boards and come with a fixed champagne coloured border mount. I have mounted the work in such a way that you can remount if required.


420mm x 297mm including mount
3mm in thickness which includes the mount and the charcoal board on which the artwork was created.

You will receive both of the artworks pictured. Frames are not included.

No prints will be created. This is the only edition and is an original.

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