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The Shining // "Labyrinth 311" Part 1

The Shining // "Labyrinth 311" Part 1

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The Shining "Labyrinth 311" part 1 is a hand cut, original papercut featuring the Overlook maze cut from page 311 of Stephen King's horror masterpiece. This page is the chapter title page called "The Hedges". I chose this page due to the fact that Kubrick left out the topiary animals in favour of the maze. 

This is part 1
Two artworks are available. Both artworks are cut from the same page. These are my most ambitious and complex works yet. See HERE to view Part 2


Part 1 (Red Centre)
Size is A3 including fixed mounts
1 red mount and 1 champagne coloured mount included.
Book page is mounted onto a giclee printed, black grunge background

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