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The Hobbit // Snow after Fire with Dragon 231

The Hobbit // Snow after Fire with Dragon 231

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I have hand cut a dragon from a page torn from J.R.R. Tolkien's famous novel The Hobbit together with the line "So comes snow after fire and even dragons have their endings."

I created this artwork by first carefully selecting the right page. The page tells of the moment that the dragon - Smaug - is shot down by Bard the bowman. This seems like the right page to use right? But it took a while to find so that I could cut out the dragon as well getting all the letters out in the order they appear on the page. In fact my first choice was the chapter opening to Riddles in The Dark - but I couldn't get the image and words out they way I wanted.

This beautiful and unique Tolkein literature artwork is 30cm x 40cm and comes with a fitted champagne coloured mount (pictured). The background is black. Unframed.


30cm x 40cm including fitted mount.


>> Unframed.
>> There is only 1 available.
>> This is a page torn from The Hobbit. As such it will have signs of age and yellowing, page folds, a lightly torn left edge (intentional) where I have carefully torn it from the book.
>> Please keep this artwork out of direct sunlight in order to preserve and avoid fading.

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