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James Voce // artist

1984 A4 Giclee Proof Set

1984 A4 Giclee Proof Set

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This is the first set of A4 proof prints for my new 1984 black grunge collection

"A Place Without Darkness" (Skull) featuring Page 29. Winston telles us that there is only one place that is truly yours and that is the few cubic centimetres inside your skull. I have cut out line "We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness."

"I Love You 113" featuring page 113. I have cut out all the letters and piled them beneath the page. This reflects the theme of censorship. The only words that remain are "I love you" together with the page number. This is the page in which Winston received Julia's note. 

2+2=5 (pyramid) Featuring the last page of 1984. I have cut out the the all-seeing-eye and pyramid, which represent the Ministry of Love. Winsotn has just learned that 2+2 does = 5 and that he really does love Big Brother. 

DoubleBlink3 Featuring the opening page of 1984. I have cut out the watching eyes and numbers 1-9-8-4. I have also cut out letters and used them in the order they appear on the page to create the word "DoubleBlink" together with the page number 3. This is a play on words and references the idea of DoubleThink (the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct) as well as referring to the 2 pairs of cut out eyes. 


Giclee printed suing Epson pigment inks

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