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Three-Part Martian Cyanotype Proofs

Three-Part Martian Cyanotype Proofs

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This is my take on what is driving the Martian Fighting machines. 

These are original, handmade, *cyanotype prints.

Exposed onto acid free, 350 gsm paper. Cyanotypes are archival quality by nature, but I have also hand finished with a UV acrylic medium to provide extra protection. 

Each print is mounted onto a cradled panel board.


Each of the 3 panels measures 8 x 10 inches and is 20mm deep. 
No glass needed
Ready to hang. 

*Cyanotype is one of the oldest forms of photography. A substrate (in this case thick paper) is coated with a UV sentitive emulsion, onto which is placed a photographic negative. This is then exposed under UV (ideally the sun). 

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