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War of the Worlds // "The Second Falling Star" Dark Blue

War of the Worlds // "The Second Falling Star" Dark Blue

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An original cyanotype* artwork inspired by chapter 2 - The Falling Star - of HG Wells' seminal sci-fi masterpiece War of the Worlds.

The familiarity of the contour lines has been broken by the presence of the first "Falling Star" from Mars. The chaos visualised - as the star punches through the atmosphere - is just a precursor of the coming invasion and havoc that will be dealt out on the surface below. This work also explores landscape art in its abstract form. 

I created these images digitally before exposing my own negatives onto heavy weight photo sensitive paper and developing. I have adhered each work - using a pH neutral medium - to a black birch wooden panel. The work is ready to hang.


This original work is part of a series entitled War of the Worlds // "The Falling Star". There will be 20 individual and original artworks in this series. Each artwork will be similar in theme and style, but no two works will be the same. This is the first. It is an original artwork. 

Print Details

Size: Each panel measures 200mm x 200mm and is 38mm deep.

Colour is dark blue on white paper. 

Developed on white, acid free, 300gsm textured paper. I have applied a layer of UV resistant glaze to the surface which enhances the colour as well as protects from fading. If looked after, this cyanotype print should last for generations.

*Cyanotype is a 170 year old photographic printing process in which two chemicals are mixed to create a photosensitive emulsion. This emulsion is applied to paper and exposed in the sun. Cyanotype prints are archival, fine art quality. 

This technique was invented approx. 20 years before HG Wells wrote War of the Worlds back in 1898.

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